Fine Art Painting  by Beth Batchelor




Instruction in Fine Arts * Drawing * Painting * Calligraphy
             Digital Photography * Computer Graphics

Art courses and instruction are given at the Lanaii Artists' Studio in Alamo, California, tel. (925) 837-5654.


Instruction in representational painting in oils and pastels, academic method - for creation of realistic landscapes, seascapes, still life and portraits. Lessons include color, perspective, shadowing, reflections, composition. Students paint along with Beth as she demonstrates.

Summer Art Classes

In depth art studies in all media; including Landscapes, Seascapes, Still Life, and Portrait Painting.


11:30-3:30 pm


(3 1/2 hour class, 30 minute lunch break)


10:00-1:30 pm


(3 1/2 hour class, 30 minute lunch break)

2:00-4:00 pm


(2 hour class)

Beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional artists are welcome to experience this fine opportunity. Learn from Beth Batchelor, master painter, and 'teacher of teachers'. Bring your artistic talent to fruition through serious, diligent and joyful creativity.

Feel free to visit the Lanaii Artists' Studio Workshop, or to participate in an art class.

Tuition: $35 per session or $120 per month (save $5/week)

Bring lunch or snack

Please call 925-837-5654 to reserve your place and to discuss supplies and directions to studio (I-680 exit: Stone Valley Road, EAST in Alamo)

Your unique presence will add a special dimension to the art class! Enrich your life along with the other art studients whilst you study and create.

Private lessons on a one to one basis are individually designed. A creative format focused on your desired art interest, and based on your time frame, will be arranged, upon request.



Lanaii Artists' Studio
Contra Costa County
Alamo, California
(925) 837-5654